DrEberhardt - Innovative tradition

At DrEberhardt’s we believe tradition is a pool of collected knowledge. Essential wisdom tested by experience has been saved and handed down through generations. We highly value tradition, a pivot for our basic concept that true beauty can only flourish when body, soul and environment harmonize.

Scientists have explored the connection between body and mind for more than a thousands years. They have known for a long time that a healthy spirit can work miracles, whereas a troubled soul might do physical harm. Body and mind are a unit. And have never been apart.

Based on traditional Chinese Medicine we have developed a specific integral concept consisting of mind, body, and surrounding environmental factors. These three parts are intertwined – sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. A lack of balance between them may often have negative physical and psychological effects, which can manifest themselves as damaged skin; skin irritations, rashes, acne or extremely dry skin, signs of a lack of inner harmony. 


DrEberhardt’s Concept of Eight Skin-Types covers the entire spectrum of human skin. We offer specially designed serums and aromatic oils for each skin type. All of them have integral effects.

Our range of products covers more than 300 pure essential oils. Highly experienced, we transform these pure essential oils into effective, pleasantly fragrant aroma cosmetics. Thus, we combine traditional Chinese Medicine with state-of-the-art-knowledge of aroma therapy and highly modern processing technologies.

Innovative tradition is the secret of our success.

Life in the 21st century looks completely different from what it did in the late 1980s, when we founded DrEberhardt. Modern life brings new challenges, expectations and needs. We have changed, as did our customers’ expectations and wishes. And so did our products. We listen closely to what our customers tell us. We take their wishes seriously and are constantly adapting and enlarging our product range to meet modern life’s cosmetic demands.

At present we are proud to offer more than 300 different products – from the Baby series and popular Face & Body series to our Anti-Aging program and the pleasant DrEberhardt room sprays.