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Dr. Robert Eberhardt

DrEberhardt - Fascinated by Natural Cosmetics


Beauty and nature, harmony and love of life - those are the basis of Dr Eberhardt’s philosophy. We focus on your happiness. Your personal beauty is sacred and deserves supreme care. Natural essential oils of the purest quality are the main ingredients of DrEberhardt’s aroma cosmetics. We do not compromise: the best – or nothing! Only ingredients of the highest quality are worthy to be called DrEberhardt. Because we care. Naturally.

Traditional Family Business focused on the science of natural essential oils

DrEberhardt is a family business located in Austria. We are among the world’s leading manufacurers of natural aroma cosmetics, aroma therapy and hydrosol products. We have focused our efforts on the science of natural essential oils since 1987, our founding year. Every day we are privileged to experience the joy of investigating the characteristics and effective powers of essential oils, and to work with them. A perfect blend of essential oils requires profound knowledge of their effects and positive qualities. Blending them to enhance each other’s characteristics is an art that turns to pure magic in our beautifully fragrant cosmetics. Only those few who can harness the magical power of essential oils can truly maximize their potential. We do.


Our love of nature and its impressive potential to render harmony and beauty is DrEberhardt’s engine. We are driven by the urge to create and combine new fragrances, and always strive to create unexpected blends. The complex diversity of essential oils fascinates us. Only few essential oils, lavender or rose, for instance, can be applied to the skin in their pure state, most others need to be blended. Natural, cold-pressed plant oils and macerates are nutrient-rich and contain essential acids and vitamins. They function as ideal base oils for our face and body products. We love to meet the challenge of striving every day to blend essential oils to enhance their effect and fragrance.