A pretty face without a “harmonious physiognomy” is not beautiful. We try to balance our products using active ingredients to support the skin, clean, disinfect, moisturise, nourish, calm, but we also use essential oils to influence the mood.  After 15 years of experience and consistently improving of our products, today we can offer a truly complete and effective system-care for the face that helps to achieve a naturally beautiful appearance. Complementing our proven product range are the new highlights that score -- DrEberhardt's serums and aromatic oils.


Our customers come from middle to upper groups. They are well-educated, and are mindful and protective of their family. They know the differences in quality and are willing to learn and understand. It is for such customers that we are all the time improving our product range and developing new products. 

Aromatherapy is the basic principle of our products and treatments so we influence body and mind at the same time. This basic principle helped us to our new Highlight. DrEberhardt Serums and DrEberhardt Aromatic Oils. 

The new DrEberhardt system presents Aromatic Oils and Serums for 8 different skin types. This guarantees an individual treatment and homecare on the highest level available in Aroma cosmetics. 


DrEberhardt Aromatic Oils are 100% natural products, with high quality essential oils as intensive and active ingredients. Essential oils work on a physical level as well as on a psychological level. Skin problems can be solved more effectively.  


Dr Eberhardt Serums combine Essential Oils with the latest research in Cosmetics. Scientifically proven and in vivo tested active ingredients allow us to declare very clearly, how the products work. Highly concentrated active ingredients work for every skin type for a fresh, radiant and healthy looking appearance.  

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